Monday, January 27, 2014

CE1: Natural Gas Usage — And Bills — Spike During Recent Cold Snaps

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In a recent event, a polar vortex has settled over the city of Chicago and any surrounding suburbs. This vortex has caused many school closings due to bringing about temperatures below. The most worrying effect of this vortex is the spike in heating and gas bills. Many homeowners are finding themselves with a much higher bill than usual. A report from ComEd says a majority of its customers find themselves relying on natural gas for heating instead of electric heating.

The use of natural gas over electric heat is a choice everyone with a home has to make. Both are used for heat, yet people tend to use the one that is cheaper because we all want to save money. The use of natural gas will become more and more scarce as the gas itself depletes. Electric heating will be the more depended and problems with keeping up with demand will arise.

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